April Showers and Bridal Flowers

Since April hit, things are really gearing up for wedding season. One of my bridesmaids came back from England to have her bridal shower and she had such a beautiful day for it. We celebrated her day at Harvest on Hudson with bellinis and mimosas (and for me, the entire bread basket, since I had just finished the whole 30).


It really feels like she is living in a movie. She moved to England to be with her love (who started as her best friend) and they have this adorable place in the country side and are getting married and will someday have little blue-eyed babies with adorable british accents. As much as I miss her, I so admire her bravery for going to a new country, far away from all things familiar and starting a new life. Her bold move truly did pay off because looking at her, she is glowing from the inside, out. 

YESTERDAY, we went and met with our florist, Melissa. I wasn’t sure what to expect because I (unintentionally) hadn’t really been all that helpful prior to our meeting. I had, of course, tried to send her some pictures of flowers or centerpieces, per her request. However, even those came with a lot of BUTs. But not those colors, not that size, not that spiky thing, not that fancy. My requests weren’t in a diva way (although over e-mail it is quite possible she saw it that way even with my abundance of smiley faces and exclamation points). I just have a vision in my head and there aren’t necessarily pictures of those ideas out there. 

As soon as we walked in, after first noticing how warm and welcoming Melissa was, I looked past her and saw a display of roses on the table. I love almost every single flower out there, including some specimens that are probably considered weeds and not flowers. I love all flowers. Except. Roses. 

Ok, maybe that is false. I actually love almost every single type of rose, especially modern garden. I do nottttttttttt like the hybrid tea rose (the one you commonly see at your local florist). I think my rejection of this rose comes from the fact that it is seen everywhere and I tend to run in the opposite direction of anything I consider to be the norm or overdone (I initially had this reaction to our honeymoon spot but I could tell M was so excited). I’m not sure what the root of that aspect of my personality comes from but we have done enough dissecting in my previous posts about me as a human so let’s just leave that one for now.

M used to get me this type of rose every single time he got me flowers and I never said a peep because 1. who would argue with their handsome new boyfriend buying flowers? and 2. I figured they must have been his favorite and that was enough of a reason to be happy about them. One day the topic of flowers came up in a group conversation. I think someone was talking about their disdain for carnations and I jumped in to defend. When it came out that I couldn’t stand roses (or that specific type) M looked at me, shocked. Apparently, he had only been getting me those because he saw every other boy buying those and figured it was safe. Now he knows to find the weirdest looking bunch in the group and go for those.

Anyways. I saw the display of roses and realized that perhaps my vague explanation of my vision had caused a big misunderstanding. I slinked over to the chair and tried to find a nice way of saying I didn’t want any of them. I decided to go with the mature approach of blurting out “I love your store! Roses are my least favorite flower of all time!! HAhaha” and then frantically trying to get my pinterest to load with M and her both side eyeing me.

She was a pro though and after showing her a little bit more of what I had in mind, she got it right away. Even my centerpiece idea, which I know had some people confused (and probably worried), she was able to work with me and we played around with ideas until we got it just right. I have total faith that she will deliver my not so clear, not so conventional vision, the day of. 

At the beginning, I really wasn’t all that excited about flowers and even questioned whether or not we needed to have them. After meeting with Melissa, I left the building, skipping out like a young school girl.

Ruffled - photo by John Schnack Photography http://ruffledblog.com/seaside-wedding-inspiration-shootRuffled - photo by John Schnack Photography http://ruffledblog.com/seaside-wedding-inspiration-shoot3

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Over the weekend, we were trying to check things off our wedding to-do list. While I focused on the registry (apparently just having an ice cream maker on the registry was considered a faux pas) M worked for 45 minutes on filling in all the details of our accommodations page. He worked out prices, distance to venue, placed them in order of least to most booked…the works. When he was finished I heard him calmly say “Oh no”. When I asked him what had happened he sighed and told me everything he had just worked on for the last 45 minutes was deleted. Simultaneously, I felt so sad for him but was also so amazed that THAT was his reaction. I kept watching him like a little specimen, waiting for the big blow up. He shook his head and went back to trying to fix it.

That. That right there is a perfect example of how we can be total opposites sometimes. I want to preface this with saying that, as a counselor, I am aware of what an appropriate reaction is and what an inappropriate reaction is. I am also aware that we do not control other people and we do not control what happens around us (usually) but what we do control is our actions. That being said. MY initial reaction would have been to throw my computer out the window. Just kidding. Kind of. But there would for sure have been a large, exaggerated exclamation, followed by some stomping of the feet and then a good 3 minute pout before pulling myself together and reminding myself that I am a grown up and what an actual appropriate reaction is (See M’s above).

We are so similar in some ways but soooooo different in others. What would have caught my hair on fire, simply ruffled M’s feathers a bit before he calmly moved right along with his day. Even though this happened three days ago, I found myself still thinking about it today. “You’ve got to be a water sign or something”, I said to him, knowing that whatever he is, it must be opposite of what I am (I’m Fire…SURPRISE!!). We decided to look up characteristics of both and see if it fits…He is earth by the way.

Earth (M)

Extremely down to earth and grounded (Check)

Dependable and trustworthy (Check Check)

Never ending duty of responsibility (CHECK)

The most dependable signs and always there to help out a friend (He has spent many nights talking on the phone and coaching friends through big decisions. So. Check)

Fire (Me)

Assertive and courageous (somewhat)

Independent and at times hard headed (welp)

Enormous passion for life (yep)

Big hearts (remember how I’ve been banned from the news)


The most sensitive of the signs

Strong emotional bonds with others

Don’t always make decisions based on logic



Smart thinkers who handle abstract reasoning well

All about communication

Often calm and collected but can quickly turn cold (like the wind!)


Bells Will Be Ringing

Ohh Pinterest, my little china doll. How would I plan my wedding without you?? You, and my Italian mother who reminds me of the important things such as places for people to stay, the band, groomsmen suits, venue etc. Without her planning, I would be solely focused on rolling around in a field of flowers and trying various combinations of cake and frosting. I am, perhaps, a bit too relaxed of a bride. No bother! I’ve got plenty of people around me to gently push me back on track when I get caught up in the artsy aspects and forget about the snoozy details. M and I are lucky to have parents that want this day to be about us and are willing to let us get creative, even when that strays away from tradition.

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary and how fitting that today we finished putting together the invitations and shipping them out. Boy, does that feel good. I kept thinking about that episode of Seinfeld where George’s fiance was poisoned from licking all the envelopes. I reminded M of this and he took over. He either thought I was becoming delirious or he wasn’t amused with my crooked stamp placement. That stuff really gets his goat. Our reverend has couples take the Meyers-Briggs personality inventory before getting married to learn more about each other and to see what areas might cause tension. I took the test in Grad school but will take it again to see if it remains consistent. I’m curious to see what M’s outcome is. He is in many ways way more relaxed than me (I’m a fire sign. Enough said.) But certain things really get his pants twisted. For example, I like (and he does NOT like) to use our stove top as a drying rack when the actual rack is full. Meanwhile, he uses our bathroom sink as a little bird bath splashing around without a care in the world, leaving our bathroom mirror looking like it belongs in a horror film. In his defense, we are both, at times, walking contradictions. I strive to be zen by ordering my essential oils and salt lamps but then when I get duped with a phony salt lamp, I throw my fist in the air and write a strongly worded e-mail to the salt lamp distributor…not super zen of me.

Welp, we are either going to have exactly the same personality outcome or end up being total opposites. Either way, we find balance within each other and that’s what matters, right?