Leis, Luas and Lover’s moons

We are back from our honeymoon!! Everyone in Hawaii called it a “Lover’s moon” instead so I am not intentionally trying to be creepy with that title. Oh boy, where to begin. Well. We got married! It was the best day. I want to do a full post on that later, maybe once we get more photos but the day really could not have gone any better.


So! Hawaii. Both of us had never been and to be honest, I was hesitant at first because I thought…everyone goes to Hawaii for their honeymoon. But then I thought EVERYONE goes to Hawaii for their honeymoon! There must be a reason. We got to Maui late at night two weeks ago and it was so fun to hop in the jeep we rented and drive to our hotel and take in the beautiful sights and sounds while the rest of the island slept. When we woke up (bright and early, as usual) the next day we did more exploring around beautiful Ka’anapali. Everyone told us to make sure we relaxed and carved out some time to just do nothing but, if you know me, you know that that didn’t happen. We did do relaxing things (sit at the beach for a little and got massages) but even on our scheduled relaxed day, we went surfing and into town. I don’t regret filling our time with activities because that is what we like to do and it made it so fun however, I do think if/when we go back it would be wise to TRY and plan more time of just doing nothing. That is part of the beauty of Hawaii is a lot of people are on island time. Even the coffee and breakfast shops didn’t tend to open super early, as we discovered when our noses were pressed up against the glass at 7am.


As I mentioned, we did a lot of activities. One of the activities I wasn’t super amped about was surfing. I had surfed before (I think I was 14?) on the Cape but hadn’t since and I just find as I get older, I get more fearful. No one else seemed to be concerned about sharks and I have read enough saying how they really aren’t all that interested in humans but none of that really matters because they still freak me out. However, Mike really wanted to and I am pretty sure he does a lot of stuff he doesn’t want to do just because I want to do it so I figured it was best to just suck it up. I also feel that if something scares me, as long as it isn’t too dangerous, that is a good indication that it is something I should push myself to do. I think we can sometimes make ourselves more fearful but shying away from things that make us nervous and so if I don’t keep pushing myself to be brave, I am doing myself a disservice (so there is a lot of faking it until I make it).


Getting out there was scary for me but I kept just trying to focus on how happy Mike was and also I figured being in the group of guys that were all excited to surf, perhaps I could hide in the background for the 90 minutes and no one would notice. Welp, after Mike went, I was called to go second. “No, thank you!” I yelled from the background and tried to slowly slink away from the instructor. But he called again, and since I am a rule follower and fear getting in trouble, I nervously made my way over. “I’ll just do a small wave, please” I requested of my instructor. He laughed and said he didn’t really have control over that but I would be fine and just needed to make sure to not look down or that is where I would go and then he screamed PADDLE!!!! Which I did. I popped up onto my knees and I was gliding past another instructor he told me to use my hands to push myself up. Oh right. I got up and made sure not to look down and glided all the onto shore. I ended up catching waves the rest of the time, which I think surprised us all and almost got out injury free until I jumped onto a rock. After, I saw a turtle, which most people were excited about but I didn’t want to wait around and see if he brought any friends so I went onto the shore and sat down with a middle school girl. She told me that she has a fear of the ocean but that her little sister really wanted to go and if she didn’t, her parents wouldn’t so she pushed herself to go. We both agreed that even though we were scared, we were glad we tried it. 


One of the other activities we did was a helicopter tour. The helicopter tour didn’t scare me, but I have always struggled with motion sickness so I feared for those around me. Things were going ok at first but then it started to get a little rainy which meant it started to get a little bumpy. Our pilot was having a grand old time, as was I until about 15 minutes in when I started to turn progressively greener. Then I started coaching myself with encouraging thoughts such as “don’t throw up on your new husband” and “only 75 more minutes to go!”. We made it to the ground with great success, although I can not say the same thing for my friend behind me who threw up as we were landing.

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It feels wrong to end this post talking about vomit however, it is already quite lengthy so, there it is. I had so much fun with Mike and some of my favorite moments were just walking around and talking/joking. We were so lucky to have the help of his parents, who watched our beloved pets and my parents who helped with the trip and bumped our status. You can bet your bottom dollar we took advantage of every free meal/snack that was offered.