Surgery numero dos

Because just one is no fun! I have been trying to post this for about a week now and for some reason the site wouldn’t let me. BUT HERE WE ARE! So.

A few days before we left to go on our trip, I went to see my doctor to have my stent removed…which really wasn’t supposed to happen until the 6th week mark but I pestered my surgeon via e-mail (I’m not sure it is socially acceptable to e-mail one’s surgeon) with various questions, concerns and comments about my upcoming trip and we agreed that 4 weeks was ok and that I would never contact him again. Just kidding about the second part… although I imagine that crossed his mind.

When I went to see my doctor, he said the process would be uncomfortable but over in 30 seconds.  So I counted to 30. 9 times. The nurse looked about as uncomfortable as I imagine I did and I realized things were not going according to plan. The doctor let me know that he could not find the stent and that he assumed it had traveled. I had been told that I could do cartwheels and give birth without disrupting the stent so you can imagine my surprise regarding its absence after not attempting either. I was told that I would need to have x-rays to confirm where the stent went and likely have surgery the following day. I may or may not be able to head to the wedding I was meant to be in a few days later.

The next day I had surgery with my pal Michael by my side. I was told it may be difficult to eat but, no surprise, I ate all the snacks they gave me and followed that with a sandwich and an ice cream cone. Heroic.

Part of us felt like we had to just laugh…surgeries, no working out and starting a new job (did I mention I got a new job?) in the last couple of months leading up to one’s wedding is not ideal. But it is what it is. And things could always be worse right? The funny, or interesting thing is, my anxiety had reached an all time high a few days before going to the doctor. I felt scared and had no idea why and just felt like constantly crying. I was not in a good place at all and could not pinpoint what was going on. After the surgery my mom asked me if I still felt that way, which I didn’t. She mentioned how my intuition has always been a strength and wondered if on some level I knew something was wrong. I sure do wonder.

Two days later I hopped on a plane to Indiana to be in the wedding of one of my best friends. It was a beautiful day. The next day we got on a plane to Denmark and our European adventure began!