FriYAY! Done with the Whole30!


WE MADE IT!!! Almost. This weekend we are done with the Whole30. What a grand old time we had. It was nice doing it with M and I loved that our friends started it on the same day as us. It really helped to all chat with each other on the hard days. Things got pretty silent about a week ago and when I made a comment about it being extra difficult on certain days, they let me know they had decided to continue with it partially but add in carbs. I get it. I think we are all different and our bodies all require different things. To be honest, I had a hormonal day there where I literally would have eaten my shoe. Thank goodness M reeled me back in.

Anywho. We are supposed to gradually add the foods we had not had back in to see what our bodies respond well to and what we might have a sensitivity towards. M has a plan for us for tomorrow night when we are done and I am curious to see what he has in mind. For tonight, we will stick with our normal Friday night date spot…the Whole Foods salad bar. We initially picked it because we were desperate to get out and get something other than greens and plantains (I do really love plantains though) and then started actually looking forward to going there and seeing what new food they had for us to try. It is really helpful because they put the ingredients for all their meals on display. I CANNOT believe how much of the food we consume has added sugar. This shouldn’t be a shock to me since I watched that movie…I think it was called Fed Up, where they talk about the effects sugar has on our body and how much of the food we consume has added sugar. I’m pretty sure I was probably slurping down one of my ice cream bars while watching it though and it really didn’t phase me. What DID change my thinking was once I was not allowed to have certain foods or added sugar. Suddenly you realize just how much of the things we eat aren’t all that great for you. Even down to something as little as gum. I was ALWAYS chewing gum before starting this. That’s actually how my mom used to bribe me to be a quiet little lady when I was a lass. Anyways. I digress. 

I think the Whole30 has really changed how we think about food. M was way better about challenging his relationship with food during this process and really didn’t snack very often at all. Which is maaaaaybe why he lost 11 pounds and I lost 2. I personally think I did us all a favor by never allowing myself to become hangry. 

Other than learning about our sugar intake and 1 out of the 2 of us challenging our relationship with food, I am pretty sure we discovered that M has a dairy sensitivity and maybe even a gluten sensitivity, as well.

It’s been a fun process and has forced us to get creative with meals. We decided we will try and keep it going 5-6 days a week but have a break one day during the weekend. I’m also allowing wine back into my life because I think in moderation it is good for me and also I am a nicer human with it. I DID notice that on tough days, instead of turning to my half a glass of wine, I found (almost) just as much comfort in using some lavender and balance oils in my diffuser. So it was good to find new strategies.

I do recommend everyone try it at least once. It is a good exercise for one’s mind and the seams of your pants may thank you as well.



TGIF. What a week. 5 things that happened this week:

  1. I got my first essential oils kit!
  2. We started getting our RSVP’s back 🙂 Things are getting real! We are getting a lot of questions about plus one’s. Trimming the list was really hard and this part I feel bad about! I can be such a sucker about some stuff. I can’t even make eye contact with people at mall kiosks for fear of rejecting their sale and making them feel bad.
  3. My plans got cancelled tonight due to the flu (them, not me). As bummed as I am for them, I needed to just veg tonight. My brain is fried. M and I will go on a Whole Foods salad bar date…things are clearly very exciting while we are doing the Whole30.
  4. I got my first beach run in of the season…and finally threw out my marathon shoes. They literally were broken for about a week before I gave in. Probably explains the aches and pains.
  5. This didn’t happen this week but last week Naomi Olindo (from Southern Charm) gave me tips on how to do my own wedding makeup. She was so sweet and genuine and truly took the time to break it down for me. She is seriously the best.