Oils & Provisions

This week there was a lot of wellness going on. I got another Goddess Provision box and was able to sit down with Jen, the woman who sold me my essential oils and pick her brain a bit.

This box was the Sun Energy box- here is the break down of what I got:



The Coal Miner’s Daughter Sun Mist- it’s an energizing spray of organic rose water and essential oils, meant to nourish skin and reduce stress. I haven’t sprayed it yet because I am trying to ease Mike into the essential oils and I worry if I come at him with another spray trying to decrease stress, he is going to pull out all of his hair and that seems stressful. Let’s ease into that one.


Violet Lace Energy Perfume- I am not a big perfume-y type of gal. It sometimes gives me a headache to be around people who have perfume on, and also, the name of this one makes me picture an old woman playing a piano in a haunted house. It also has little things floating around in it which, at first looked to me like they were teeth but upon further investigation I discovered they were in fact, jasmine flowers which is much less unsettling. Despite my initial hesitation, after smelling the perfume it actually smells more citrusy and light and not overpowering. This one you can use before a workout to boost mood and energy though so I may give that a shot.

Amethyst Orgone Pyramid- this is meant to neutralize energy from electrical devices. I put it on my nightstand next to my phone which is right by my head and I KNOWWW is the worst possible place to keep your phone and I am a living, breathing, hypocrite for allowing the phone to be near my head as I am on a health mission. I will break that habit. Soon.

Emmy’s Organices Lemon Ginger Macaroons- vegan, organic, gluten free- I want to try and make something like this on my own next week.


Andalou Naturals Konjac Sponges- I am excited to use this with my favorite face wash! It is supposed to brighten your skin.

Healthforce Vitamineral Green- This is a superfood with antioxidants, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids etc. It can go into food or a drink- I will probably add it to my teas with the rest of my concoctions.

Sunstone- Another crystal. This one promotes abundance and enjoyment of life. I still haven’t used the other crystal but am feeling more motivated to give them a shot after chatting with my friend, Brie, who loves them. I think I figured out why I am hesitant to use crystals. They remind me of Spencer from the reality show The Hills. Does anyone know who I am talking about/ remember him? He was mean to everyone and then helped to BREAK UP the friendship of Lauren and Heidi (looking at you too, Heidi, for your role in that one) and then it seemed like at one point his marbles went a little loose and he because obsessed with crystals.

And thennnnnnnnn- I met with Jen about the oils. She was awesome and like chatting with a friend. I love learning about health supports and looking through the information about oils, I realized if there is an ailment…there is an oil for it, from cellulite (what?!) to thyroid support. There are three ways to use the oils.

You can use them aromatically for respiratory or emotional support. It can also clean the air when you diffuse which is one thing I really love. I feel like our apartment has never smelled so fresh and clean. I used to burn candles (although that is not good for you) because I was desperately trying to cover up any smells of our two cats. I love them and I will embrace the cat lady that I was born to be but I will never embrace the pet smell.

You can also use oils topically to help with irritations or discomforts as well as for immune support. I was told that you can put oils at the bottom of your feet because they are less sensitive to irritation and they are also thought to be the end of your nerve line. If you believe in reflexology (which OBVIOUSLYYYYY I do) there are areas on your feet that correspond to your body’s organs. Also, with the pores on your feet being thicker than pores on the rest of your body, the oils will absorb faster. Oh! I should also mention, if you are going to use oils topically, you need to dilute them with coconut oil (maybe you can use other oils but I have only heard of coconut oil thus far and also, if you read my earlier love letter to coconut oil, I think it is pretty clear that that would be the only oil I would use).

Anywho, the last way to use oils (that I am aware of) is internally. A lot of people, at least initially, are hesitant to try this one. Some people argue whether or not this is safe to do. From what I have read, it is indeed safe in the appropriate quantity. But as we have observed, quantity control is not my forte.

Ok, bye!


Goddess Provisions

FullSizeRender (18)

For our 2nd anniversary, M turned to our friend Brie for gift ideas for me. Brie and I are very similar in our likes and dislikes. We love animals, feel all the feelings and enjoy all things holistic. Brie had tried getting a subscription to something called Goddess Provisions which she ended up loving. Each month you get all sorts of things like super food snacks, aromatherapy, crystals, tea, apothecary beauty products and more. Right up my alley. I love all things lotions and potions. My parents still recall my letter to santa in which I humbly asked for just one thing…magic powers, like Matilda. If Santa couldn’t manage that, I would take some potions. 20 years later, here we are. 

I got my first box on Friday and couldn’t wait to open it up! Literally. I sat in the main lobby of our building and gleefully tore into my pretty purple package…as our sweet concierge observed the shredded filler path of destruction I left behind me…No worries. I cleaned it up, Glen.

My first box is dedicated to being a goddess of the sea. Who hasn’t wished they could be a mermaid?! Or merman. MERMAN!!

Here is what I got:

FullSizeRender (19)

Moon Magic Mermaid Ocean Mask & Toner- The face mask contains sea clay, organic jasmine and sea kelp as well as other nourishing oceanic minerals to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. After the mask comes the hydrating toner made with orange blossom and rose hydrosols (not sure what that is) and a bit of pore tightening sea salt. 

FullSizeRender (23)

Cottagewicks Goddess of the Sea Candle- A soy wax (I’ve been wanting one of these) candle which releases buried treasures as it burns such as blue sea glass and shells.

FullSizeRender (22)

Sara M. Lyons Patch- to iron on a bag or jacket. This is so cute. I haven’t decided what I want to iron it to yet but I for sure want to put it on something.

FullSizeRender (21)

Red Abalone Shell & Sage Smudge Kit- Has anyone heard of smudging?? I have been so intrigued by this and will probably talk more about it at some point. The idea is that you burn the sage to cleanse a specific area (typically your home) to get rid of negative energy and make room for healing vibes. I’m excited to try this one. M already raised an eyebrow at this one 😛

FullSizeRender (20)

Ruby in Fuchsite- The box says that this stone will help to maintain an awareness of your individuality while also connecting you to humanity as a whole. I am supposed to rest the stone on my third eye to enhance my psychic awareness. This is one I am not super jiggy with. I will try it but I have yet to be super infatuated with or believing of crystals and stones…which I know sounds weird as I am burning essential oils while smudging the apartment and trying to convince M we have a ghost. I know. I believe in everything. This is just not something I have much of an interest in but everything is worth a shot at least once. And at least the stone is pretty.

I also got a Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream Bar, but I am not allowed to try that yet since it is not Whole30 compliant.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Coconut Oil


I made it ALL winter without catching any of the dreaded illnesses that have been going around.

That’s exactly what I announced on Friday right before I got sick.

So here I am in March, nursing my first cold of the year. I used to get sick all the time, especially in college. That was likely due to a combination of my ramen noodle/pineapple pizza diet in conjunction with my lack of exercise (this excludes my power walks to the campus center for frosted pop-tarts).  But things have improved. I ran my first marathon this year and consume pineapple sans cheese. Because of this, I got confident and announced my accomplishment just a tad too early and jinxed myself.

In my search for natural remedies, one of the first things that popped up was coconut oil. I LOVE this stuff. I use it for everything and didn’t realize it can also boost your immune system. I keep a jar in the shower to remove my makeup and to use on my skin and hair and a jar in the kitchen for cooking. I also use it instead of deodorant. I know what you’re thinking 1. there is no way that works and 2. she reeks. I randomly tried it since I use it for everything else and I got freaked out reading about the scary truth of regular deodorant. It really works. I’ve had friends try it too who say even clinical strength deodorant won’t work and they are hooked now too. To be clear, it won’t stop the sweating. Nothing will unless it is bad for you, I think. But, it takes care of odor  – I imagine due to its natural antibacterial properties. On top of that, if used after shaving it can really help with in-growns.

I realize it is probably in poor taste, as well as off putting, for me to discuss armpits and in-grown hair in my second blog post. But, it happened.

I’d eventually like to talk about the benefits of oil pulling but in the meantime here are some other uses from byrdie.com coconut-oil-uses