Everybody’s Working For The Weekend


This weekend we took a trip to Cape Cod with Mike’s parents to check out our rehearsal dinner spot. It was so exciting to see the place and sit down and talk about food (when is that not exciting??). We also stayed in the hotel that Mike had always stayed in when he was young. It was so fun/cute to hear about stories and see how excited he got remembering various details. It is pretty amazing how fast time goes by. It makes me think about how important it is to not wish time away (even on the dreaded Mondays). Mike had told me how Chip Gaines (I love him) from Fixer Upper likes to live every day like it is the weekend and I think that is such a great way to be. I have been trying to think about how to make this happen more and was trying to understand why that feels so complicated. So I broke it down….What does the weekend mean for me?

1. Waking up whenever I want (which is usually 6am- thanks Fin and Sophie)
2.Going out to dinner (this one we could do sometimes but I try and be healthy during the week)
3. No time constraints for activities (this is tough because we only have a few hours at night)
4. No work (our apartment building insists we pay rent, unfortunately)
So…that stuff makes it a bit challenging to live like it is the weekend…but not impossible. So I thought about what is in my control and what I can work on. Here is what I came up with.
1. Eating in different locations-still cook healthy meals but take it places: on the porch, picnic in the park, overlooking the water, etc.
2. DON’T WATCH TV- ok, well some nights this is ok. But it is soooo easy to plop on the couch to watch a show and then look up at the clock and 3 hours have gone by and it’s time for bed. No TV means more time for other activities that will make the day feel longer and hopefully more fun).
3. Get outside- even if it is just for a little while. Now that it is warming up, I don’t want to waste a second of the nice weather. We are lucky enough to live by the water and have some pretty gorgeous views so I want to take more walks and enjoy them.
4. Surprises and exploring- I got so excited one night when I picked up Mike at the train station and brought him to this restaurant that I had found on YELP. He loves sliders and this place specializes in all different types. I know he was giving me some looks as I drove him through a somewhat dicey area but it was awesome once we were there and we never would have known about it if we hadn’t done a little exploring.
5. Take advantage of community events- we live in a place that has a lot of cool things to offer whether it is yoga in our building, comedy night, dancing in the park (in the summer), social gatherings…lots of stuff. Sometimes at the end of a long day, engaging in any sort of activity seems so unappealing but I never regret doing it after the fact. I want to push myself (and Mike) more to do this stuff during the week.
That’s all I can think of right now. What makes weekends special for you?
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