Goddess Provisions

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For our 2nd anniversary, M turned to our friend Brie for gift ideas for me. Brie and I are very similar in our likes and dislikes. We love animals, feel all the feelings and enjoy all things holistic. Brie had tried getting a subscription to something called Goddess Provisions which she ended up loving. Each month you get all sorts of things like super food snacks, aromatherapy, crystals, tea, apothecary beauty products and more. Right up my alley. I love all things lotions and potions. My parents still recall my letter to santa in which I humbly asked for just one thing…magic powers, like Matilda. If Santa couldn’t manage that, I would take some potions. 20 years later, here we are. 

I got my first box on Friday and couldn’t wait to open it up! Literally. I sat in the main lobby of our building and gleefully tore into my pretty purple package…as our sweet concierge observed the shredded filler path of destruction I left behind me…No worries. I cleaned it up, Glen.

My first box is dedicated to being a goddess of the sea. Who hasn’t wished they could be a mermaid?! Or merman. MERMAN!!

Here is what I got:

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Moon Magic Mermaid Ocean Mask & Toner- The face mask contains sea clay, organic jasmine and sea kelp as well as other nourishing oceanic minerals to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. After the mask comes the hydrating toner made with orange blossom and rose hydrosols (not sure what that is) and a bit of pore tightening sea salt. 

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Cottagewicks Goddess of the Sea Candle- A soy wax (I’ve been wanting one of these) candle which releases buried treasures as it burns such as blue sea glass and shells.

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Sara M. Lyons Patch- to iron on a bag or jacket. This is so cute. I haven’t decided what I want to iron it to yet but I for sure want to put it on something.

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Red Abalone Shell & Sage Smudge Kit- Has anyone heard of smudging?? I have been so intrigued by this and will probably talk more about it at some point. The idea is that you burn the sage to cleanse a specific area (typically your home) to get rid of negative energy and make room for healing vibes. I’m excited to try this one. M already raised an eyebrow at this one 😛

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Ruby in Fuchsite- The box says that this stone will help to maintain an awareness of your individuality while also connecting you to humanity as a whole. I am supposed to rest the stone on my third eye to enhance my psychic awareness. This is one I am not super jiggy with. I will try it but I have yet to be super infatuated with or believing of crystals and stones…which I know sounds weird as I am burning essential oils while smudging the apartment and trying to convince M we have a ghost. I know. I believe in everything. This is just not something I have much of an interest in but everything is worth a shot at least once. And at least the stone is pretty.

I also got a Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream Bar, but I am not allowed to try that yet since it is not Whole30 compliant.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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