Romaine Tacos

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Lettuce wraps were our jam during the summer and once it got chilly we sort of forgot about them. I ran home quickly after work today before I went to go play with my ring bearers for the afternoon. I realized I hadn’t prepped dinner at all. This tells you something about how my week has gone because I NEVER forget a meal. Ever.

Knowing that I would be tired when I got home and M would be hungry after his interview (and that currently going out for froyo instead isn’t an option) I knew I needed something easy. I had some chicken in the fridge so I popped that in the crockpot with my Trader Joe’s salsa verde and some chopped cherry tomatoes. I set it on high for 4 hours and ran out the door.

I Loveeee my crockpot. There is something so comforting about walking into your home and having the whole place smell like dinner. I put half in Romaine lettuce leaves for M and I and the other half I froze for another day that I forget about dinner (if that day ever comes) and baked up some more plantain chips as a side. It really helped with my recent taco cravings. If I could eat Mexican food every single day, I would. I often tell friends that I believe I have a Mexican tape worm sitting in my belly, demanding chips and salsa.

Now that I have brought up tape worms…let’s move right along to the ingredients for this meal.

4 boneless skinless organic chicken breasts

1 jar of Trader Joe’s salsa Verde

2 cups of chopped cherry tomatoes 

salt and pepper to taste

1 head of romaine lettuce 

crockpot on high for 4 hours

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2 thoughts on “Romaine Tacos

  1. Looks delicious… Now that I am not eating desserts, I am finding that I am less hungry in general. It’s like my stomach has lost its motivation and enthusiasm for food.


    1. Thank you!! Hahah I know what you mean about desserts :/ that’s why I’m having fun getting creative with other foods! Also teas sometimes can help with those cravings (although I wish there were brownie flavored teas😜!)


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