Bells Will Be Ringing

Ohh Pinterest, my little china doll. How would I plan my wedding without you?? You, and my Italian mother who reminds me of the important things such as places for people to stay, the band, groomsmen suits, venue etc. Without her planning, I would be solely focused on rolling around in a field of flowers and trying various combinations of cake and frosting. I am, perhaps, a bit too relaxed of a bride. No bother! I’ve got plenty of people around me to gently push me back on track when I get caught up in the artsy aspects and forget about the snoozy details. M and I are lucky to have parents that want this day to be about us and are willing to let us get creative, even when that strays away from tradition.

Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary and how fitting that today we finished putting together the invitations and shipping them out. Boy, does that feel good. I kept thinking about that episode of Seinfeld where George’s fiance was poisoned from licking all the envelopes. I reminded M of this and he took over. He either thought I was becoming delirious or he wasn’t amused with my crooked stamp placement. That stuff really gets his goat. Our reverend has couples take the Meyers-Briggs personality inventory before getting married to learn more about each other and to see what areas might cause tension. I took the test in Grad school but will take it again to see if it remains consistent. I’m curious to see what M’s outcome is. He is in many ways way more relaxed than me (I’m a fire sign. Enough said.) But certain things really get his pants twisted. For example, I like (and he does NOT like) to use our stove top as a drying rack when the actual rack is full. Meanwhile, he uses our bathroom sink as a little bird bath splashing around without a care in the world, leaving our bathroom mirror looking like it belongs in a horror film. In his defense, we are both, at times, walking contradictions. I strive to be zen by ordering my essential oils and salt lamps but then when I get duped with a phony salt lamp, I throw my fist in the air and write a strongly worded e-mail to the salt lamp distributor…not super zen of me.

Welp, we are either going to have exactly the same personality outcome or end up being total opposites. Either way, we find balance within each other and that’s what matters, right?


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