Coconut Oil


I made it ALL winter without catching any of the dreaded illnesses that have been going around.

That’s exactly what I announced on Friday right before I got sick.

So here I am in March, nursing my first cold of the year. I used to get sick all the time, especially in college. That was likely due to a combination of my ramen noodle/pineapple pizza diet in conjunction with my lack of exercise (this excludes my power walks to the campus center for frosted pop-tarts).  But things have improved. I ran my first marathon this year and consume pineapple sans cheese. Because of this, I got confident and announced my accomplishment just a tad too early and jinxed myself.

In my search for natural remedies, one of the first things that popped up was coconut oil. I LOVE this stuff. I use it for everything and didn’t realize it can also boost your immune system. I keep a jar in the shower to remove my makeup and to use on my skin and hair and a jar in the kitchen for cooking. I also use it instead of deodorant. I know what you’re thinking 1. there is no way that works and 2. she reeks. I randomly tried it since I use it for everything else and I got freaked out reading about the scary truth of regular deodorant. It really works. I’ve had friends try it too who say even clinical strength deodorant won’t work and they are hooked now too. To be clear, it won’t stop the sweating. Nothing will unless it is bad for you, I think. But, it takes care of odor  – I imagine due to its natural antibacterial properties. On top of that, if used after shaving it can really help with in-growns.

I realize it is probably in poor taste, as well as off putting, for me to discuss armpits and in-grown hair in my second blog post. But, it happened.

I’d eventually like to talk about the benefits of oil pulling but in the meantime here are some other uses from coconut-oil-uses


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